PT Merck Tbk Indonesia

PT Merck Tbk Indonesia
Founded in 1970, PT Merck Tbk went public in 1981, and was one of the first companies registered on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The majority of the shares are held by the Merck Group, headquartered in Germany the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world. For further information on our headquarter, you can visit
PT Merck Tbk. is a leading multinational company in the pharmaceutical and chemical business in Indonesia.
  • In pharmaceutical, we manufacture and markets well-known pharmaceutical brands such as Neurobion®, Sangobion® and Glucophage® in a cGMP certified facility.
  • In Chemical business, Merck markets a whole range of laboratory reagents, pigments and other specialty chemicals.
Our comprehensive distribution network ensures product availability throughout the archipelago.  Please contact  us to help locate the nearest distributor to you.
Facts & Figures
President Director Martin Feulner
Number of employees 800
Major products
Merck Serono (prescription drugs)
Cardiovascular line (e.g. Concor®), Metabolic line (e.g. Glucophage®), Fertility (e.g. Gonal F®) Women Health (e.g. Hemobion®), Oncology (Erbitux®).
Major products
Consumer Health
(self-medication products)
Sangobion®, Neurobion®, Becombion®, Seven Seas Orange Syrup® and others.
Major products – Chemicals
  • Effect pigments for the printing, plastics, coating and cosmetics industries;
  • Test kits for water & waste water analysis; 
  • Microbiology and hygiene monitoring; 
  • Chromatography; 
  • Bioscience; 
  • Raw materials for pharma- and food production; 
  • Laboratory reagents.


PT Merck Tbk.
Jl. TB Simatupang No.8
Pasar Rebo, Jakarta Timur 13760

Tel.: +62 21 2856 5600
Fax: +62 21 2856 5601
CEO: President Director: Markus Bamberger


Google Map



From the airport, take the toll road towards Bogor.

Follow the “Pondok Indah” sign.

Take the “Cijantung, Cililitan” exit. 

Cross the Pasar Rebo intersection, direction “Pondok Indah. Lebak Bulus”.
After 400 meters you will find us on the left side.


Report any findings of counterfeit products by calling us at +62 21 28565600 or by sending an email to


International Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Group (IPMG) through introduced STOP with CINTA (Indonesian for 'love'), a campaign to stop counterfeit medicines distribution.
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Pioneering work for allergy patients

Whether allergies are due to heredity, environmental pollution or excessive hygiene, they are troublesome illnesses of the immune system whose effects should not be underestimated.

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Partnerships for better early diagnosis

Few people know the symptoms of a head and neck tumor. Merck is therefore supporting head and neck tumor awareness week again this year.

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Honeybees sweeten “Go Green” initiative

In the town of Aubonne on the north side of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Merck Serono employees produce not only cutting-edge biotechnological medicines, but their own honey too.

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